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GC-Plus Control System - $1,949.00

Includes aspirated climate sensor for air temperature, humidity and light irradiance.
Shown with optional AgrowTouchTM touch screen.

Integrated Cultivation Control System

The GrowControlTM GC-Plus control system features many of the same features and components of the GC-Pro in an easy to set-up, plug and grow package. Manage, monitor, and control all aspects of your climate equipment and hydroponics system including automatic dosing. With 8 programmable outlets integrated into the controller, the operator simply pugs equipment or trigger cords into the controller; there are no external relays or hard-wiring required. Includes all of the standard intelligent functions you would expect in a climate control system including hot-fire prevention, output delay sequencing to prevent load spikes, alarms and alerts, trending and data logging, remote access and more!

Sensor Options

  • Indoor Climate Sensor (air temperature, relative humidity and light irradiance) (CO2 optional)
  • Hydro Sensor Kit (pH, conductivity and water temperature)
  • Temperature Probes

Dual-Zone Control


The GC-Plus can operate TWO independent zones from one controller. Connect up to two climate sensors to monitor and control two environments.

Free PC Software

alt GrowControTM Software (.msi Installer)

GrowControlTM GC-Plus includes a powerful PC application offering full control of the system. The GC-Plus can be operated without a touch-panel interface and with only PC software for economy applications. Features include graphical and spread-sheet data logging, status and control of inputs, outputs and sensor readings, all controls and settings, email alerts and more.

Complete Climate Control
Fully automate up to two zones with independent controls for cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, CO2 injection and ventilation with boost timing, lighting timers and light flip box controls, vent/shade/curtian position controls for greenhouses. Featuring a large array of different timers including precision repeat cycle timers (in minutes or seconds,) 24-hour timers, 24-hour cancellation timers, combination 24-hour cycle timers, off-delay timers, re-start delay timers and hour meters.

Fully Automated Hydroponics Dosing
GrowControlTM systems take the manual work out of maintaining a hydroponics system. Fully automate and schedule reservoir changes, nutrient dosing and pH control.

  • Hydro sensors measure pH, conductivity, and water temperature. GrowControlTM systems can automatically dose 2-part or full 8-part nutrients on demand.
  • Batch dosing mode works with or without hydro sensors and can automatically change the water in the reservoir, dose the nutrient parts per gallon, and maintain the concentration with base nutrients (with hydro sensors.)
  • Automatically update nutrient concentrations, mixing ratios, and automate reservoir changes on up to a 16-step schedule.
  • Precision AgrowDoseTM dosing pumps meter exact amounts of nutrient or buffers into your reservoir. Simply place the pump inlet tube into any size nutrient container and place the outlet tube into the reservoir. No need to worry about changing gravity feed rates, stuck solenoids, or lifting heavy nutrient bottles up high.

AgrowTouchTM Touch Screen
An industrial strength touch screen interface is available which allows fast and easy access to all settings in the controller including manual over-rides of all equipment, adjustment of all settings, graphical display and history of all sensor readings, alarm history display and more. On-screen help provides the operator with quick tips and describes each function of the controller. For economical or starter applications, the GC-Pro can be adjusted and monitored with the free PC software.

The GC-Plus is built with Agrowtek's exclusive FlexnologyTM which allows the grower to tailor the controller's functions precisely to their operation's requirements. A large 'tool box' of control functions is provided for the user to select from and assign to the outlets as required for the equipment to be controlled.


The Most American Made Controller!

We take pride in our efforts to source components for our products within these great United States! Our CPU's and touch panels are manufactured in the US, our sheet metal is fabricated and powder coated in Wisconsin, our pH and EC probes are manufactured in California, our temperature probes are manufactured in New York, and everything comes together at our final assembly operations with our skilled staff of engineers and technicians in Illinois.

alt Data Sheet [.pdf 350kB]



  • 8x Fully Programmable 120V/15A Outlets
  • 8x Analog Sensor Channels
  • Dual-Zone capable; control two environments
  • Large ‘tool box’ of flexible, advanced control functions
  • AgrowTouchTM Touch-screen with live trending optional
  • Serial port standard; Ethernet port optional
  • Security levels with password protection
  • Powerful PC Software included FREE
  • Heavy duty powder-coated sheet-metal enclosures
  • 120VAC / 15 Amps Capacity
  • 3-Year full factory warranty – Made in USA


  • (2) Lighting Timers (each with secondary delay timer)
  • (1) Light-Flip Control for Flip Box Operation
  • (2) Day/Night Zones/Outputs
  • (2) Heating Thermostats
  • (4) Cooling Thermostats
  • (2) Humidify Humidistats
  • (2) Dehumidify Humidistats
  • (2) Evaporative Cooling Limit-stats
  • (2) CO2 Injection & Ventilation Controls w/Boost Timer
  • (4) 24-Hour Timers
  • (4) Standard Cycle-Timers (mins or secs)
  • (4) 24-Hour Scheduled Cycle Timers
  • (4) Off-Delay Timers
  • (4) Re-start Delay Timers
  • (4) 24-Hour Operation Band Timers
  • (2) Hour Meters
  • (1) Nutrient Dosing control with (4) proportional stages each, batch dosing, and 16 set-point scheduling
  • (1) pH Dosing Controls with (1) up and (1) down stage each
  • High & Low Alarms & Limits


  • Aspirated Precision Electronic Climate Sensor for Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light Irradiance
  • GrowControlTM Software and User Manuals on CD
  • 6ft Power Cord



Frequently Asked Questions about GrowControlTM :

Do I need a computer to use GrowControlTM?
No! GrowControlTM can be operated via the touch-panel interface (optional.)

How do I connect GrowControl to my PC?
GrowControlTM is equipped standard with a serial port (rs-232.) The optional Ethernet port allows the controller to be connected to your local network and accessed via an IP address. Multiple PC's can access a controller connected via Ethernet.

Can I connect to a USB port?
Yes, you can connect the controller to your PC's USB 1.1/2.0 port with a "RS-232 to USB converter." Available with the control system or purchase your own. These converters require software drivers which emulate a serial COM port. Select the correct COM port in the GrowControl software.

What is the maximum distance to my PC?
The maximum recommended distance for serial communication is 50 feet. (50 foot extensions cables are available from Agrowtek.) The standard limit for Ethernet devices is 300 ft (100m.)

Can I send E-mail alerts?
Yes, GrowControlTM software allows you to send email alerts for a variety of avderse conditions.

Do I need Windows®?
Windows® is required to operate the GrowControlTM software. Agrowtek's software has been tested and designed to operate on Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, and Windows® 7 (32/64bit.) You must have the Microsoft® .Net environment installed.

Can I access the GrowControl software from the Internet?
Yes. If your controller is connected via Ethernet, you can map your ports to access the controller via the internet. If your controller is connected via the serial port, you can use a remote connection software such as Windows® remote desktop, PCAnywhere, Remote Administrator, etc. to access the software running on the connected computer.

How does the data logging feature work?
The touch-screen provides 24-hour trend graphs on-screen for each sensor reading. To log data to a file, a PC is required to operate to GrowControl software. Sensor readings can be tracked for up to 24-hours on the live trending chart and you can store up to your hard-drive's capacity by logging to .CSV (comma separated value) files. CSV files can be viewed and plotted in any spreadsheet application including Excel® and Log files can be added to continuously, or a new file can be created daily at a specified time.

What if my computer crashes?
GrowControlTM will continue to operate according to the settings you provided it even if your computer crashes, gets shut down or is otherwise interrupted. The control system operates completely independently of your PC.

What if the power goes out?
If the power is interrupted to the controller, GrowControlTM will re-start and continue operating where it left off when the power comes back on. An internal backup maintains the program settings and continues to run the real-time clock to maintain the proper time. Built-in hot-fire prevention will keep lights from being damaged due to hot-fire.

How are sensors connected and what are channels?
There are two sensor ports available with 4 channels each. A climate sensor uses 3 channels for temperature, humidity and light and 4 channels if CO2 is added. The hydroponic kit only uses 3 of the 4 channels for pH, EC and temperature.

What is the maximum sensor cable length?
GC-Plus sensor cables can be extended up to 2000 feet from the controller. Inexpensive 15, 25, 50 & 100 foot extension cables are available from Agrowtek. Sensor signals are immune to noise or loss over vast distances.

Can I change the display units?
The controller can be configured to operate with temperature units of °C/°F, conductivity units of mS/cm2, uS/cm2, TDS ppm (500/640/700 factor,) and the aux inputs can even be custom scaled to any industrial 4-20mA sensor to monitor and control nearly any parameter!

How do I control equipment?
The GC-Plus comes with 8 programmable outlets on the front of the controller. Each outlet is programmed to operate as required and the equipment can be plugged directly into the controller. For lights and other heavy electrical loads, a relay box can be used and the "trigger" cord can be plugged into the controller outlet which is programmed to operate the lights.

Includes controller, power cord and standard climate sensor.
Touch screen, Ethernet, and aditional components are optional.

Please select sensors and options:





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