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SXW GrowControl™ Outdoor Weather Station - $349.00


Sensing | Logging | Transmitting

alt Air Temperature
-20 - 60°C
alt Light (Irradiance)
0-1000 Watts/m2
alt Wind Speed
alt Wind Direction

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GrowControlTM SXW Weather Monitor & Logger is a precision digital outdoor sensor station featuring temperature,ambient light, and optionally wind speed anemometer and wind direction vane. Housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure and designed for pole or wall mounting. Internal memory logs 21,600 data points for months or years of storage.

Wind Speed Anemometer
Wind speed anemometer with 3 cup rotor masures wind speeds from 1 to 125 MPH. Extremely rugged for harsh conditions and sensitive to the slightest breeze. Simple two-wire connection to transmitter.

Wind Direction Vane
Wind vane uses German Hall effect sensor for precision and durability. Many potentiometer type wind vanes have a dead spot of several degrees, friction from the sensor and a defined life span. Agrowtek's wind vanes have zero dead band, are near-zero friction and have a theoretical infinate life.


alt Greenhouses & Indoor
Growing Facilities
alt Agricultural Facilities alt Analytical, Data Logging
Research & Academic
alt Industrial Process Monitoring
MODBUS, 4-20mA
alt Hobby Weather Monitoring alt OEM & custom applications

GrowControlTM Cultivation Control Systems and Relays

Automate climate control with Agrowtek's control systems and interface relays when you add SXC climate sensors.

USB Data Logging

LX1 USB AgrowLink connects the GrowNET port of any Agrowtek sensor to a PC for datalog download to .csv, graphing, calibration, configuration, updates, and more using free PC software.

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