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Agrowtek Product Manuals


GrowControlTM GC-Pro/XL Operation Manual
GrowControlTM GC-Pro/XL Installation Manual

GC-Pro Spec Sheet GC-ProXL Spec Sheet GC-Plus Spec Sheet

AgrowTouchTM Touch-Screen (Installation Instructions)

"Mini" Control Systems

MDX Mini Dosing System Instruction Manual
MDX Mini Dosing System Data Sheet

MCX4 Mini Climate Controller Instruction Manual
MCX4 Mini Climate Controller Data Sheet

MCX8 Mini Climate Controller Instruction Manual
MCX8 Mini Climate Controller Data Sheet


SXC Climate Sensor Instruction Manual
SXC Climate Sensor Data Sheet
SXE Environment Sensor Instruction Manual
SXE Environment Sensor Data Sheet

SXH Hydroponics Transmitter Instruction Manual
SXH Hydroponics Transmitter Data Sheet

SXW Weather Station Instruction Manual
SXW Weather Station Data Sheet
SXL Optical Liquid Sensor Instruction Manual
SXL Optical Liquid Sensor Data Sheet
SXR Optical Rain Sensor Instruction Manual

Relays & Contactors

MX1 Single Phase AC Motor Controller Instruction Manual
MX1 Spec Sheet

MX1 Wiring Example Guide
Connection example to Ridder RW45 Motor

MX1D Single Phase DC Motor Controller Instruction Manual

RX1 Single Outlet Relay Module Instruction Manual

RX1 Spec Sheet

RX6 Six Outlet Relay Module Instruction Manual

CX4 Four Outlet Contactor Module Instruction Manual

CX4/CX4A Spec Sheet

RD4, RD6, RD8 & RD12 Relay Modules Instruction Manual

Connection example to Contactor Coil
Connection example to Irrigation Solenoid
Connection example to AC or Heat HVAC
Connection example to QUEST dehumidifier
Connection example to iDrive motor controller
Connection example to Wadsworth VC1000/2000 motor controller

CX1H 25A Contactor Module Instruction Manual
RX-T Trigger Cord Kit for RX1 Instruction Manual

Dosing Pumps

AgrowDoseTM ADi Digital Intelligent Dosing Pumps Instruction Manual
AgrowDoseTM AD1 Single Dosing Pump Instruction Manual
AgrowDoseTM AD2/AD4 Dual/Quad Dosing Pump Instruction Manual

Link Modules

LX1 USB AgrowLINK Data Sheet
LX3 Analog Sensor Break-Out Board Data Sheet


PBX-310 3-Port Sensor Manifold Data Sheet
PBX-410 4-Port Sensor Manifold Data Sheet
PBX-104 Chemical Injection Manifold Data Sheet

Modbus & PLC Manuals

MODBUS Sensors, Relays and Persitaltic Pumps Overview

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