Growcontrol™ Series Cultivation Control Systems
Multi-Zone Climate & Nutrient Dosing Control Systems Made in U.S.A.
BDX BatchMatic Fertigation System
Mix and deliver nutrient batches to up to 14 zones.
AgrowDose™ pH, EC & ORP Dosing Systems
Automate your nutrient and pH dosing.
GrowControl™ MX Motor Controllers
Reversing motor controls and for greenhouse vents, curtains and more.
Liquid Level Sensors
Discrete and continuous sensors for liquid level monitoring and control.
Irrigation Valves & Controllers
Rugged motorized ball valves and economical diaphragm valves.
Quantum Light Spectrometer
Precision sensor for Lux, PPFD, DLI and more.
Infrared Temperature Sensors
Get Accurate VPD Readings and Leaf Temperature Data in Real Time
MODBUS Communication Protocol Supported
GrowNET™ intelligent sensors, relays and dosing pumps connect to PLC's
Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the U.S.A.
We manufacture our electronics in-house for the highest quality & lowest cost.

What's New

Crop Steering Guide


FREE application note on the popular crop steering irrigation technique with GCX control systems.

  • Crop Steering Theory
  • Equipment for Irrigation
  • Creating & Scheduling Recipes
  • Common Problems

TEROS12 Interface


Real-time logging of Teros12 sensors with irrigation management control.

  • Monitor and log data in real time
  • Up to eight (8) sensors per interface
  • Crop steering irrigation management
  • No montly fees

BV Motorized Ball Valve

BV100 Valve

Reliable and robust tru-union PVC ball-valve with electric motor actuator for automatic operation.

  • Designed & Assembled in USA
  • High Quality Italian Actuator
  • Ultra-Rugged & Reliable
  • No Minimum On-Time

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