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Sunday, 20 May 2018
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AgrowDose™ AD1 Peristaltic Dosing Pump - $225.00


Precision | Durability | Economy

alt Accurate <1mL alt Acid & Base Chemical Compatible alt Rugged Pump & Motor
Pumps Thick Fluids
alt Easy-Change Pump Heads alt FDA Food Safe Tubing    

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AgrowDoseTM AD1 dosing pump is a rugged and economical single-head peristaltic pump designed for injecting nutrient solutions, pH buffers and more into stock tanks or pressurized water lines up to 20psi.

Pump heads feature an intlet tube and an outlet tube. Simply place the inlet side into any size nutrient or buffer stock tank and route the outlet to the reservoir. Pumps can draw solutions up to 10ft vertical lift and do not require priming. Peristaltic action resists fouling or clogging even with thick fluids.

AD1 Pump operates at a fixed speed (~50mL/min) when powered and requires a controlled outlet to operate the pump (such as RX1.) Includes a standard 120Vac/12Vdc wall plug power supply for use on any control system with a relay-controlled outlet.

Replaceable pump head offers fast, easy maintenance when tubing wears out.

  • 120Vac/12Vdc Power adapter included
  • 1/4" OD x 3/16" ID FDA Tubing
  • ~50mL/min


alt Nutrient & pH Dosing for Crop Fertigation, Hydroponics alt Aquarium alt Analytical, Data Logging
Research & Academic
alt Industrial Process Water
alt Pool & Spa alt OEM & custom applications

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