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CX4A Four Outlet Relay, 240V

Four group relay-controlled outlets, 240V/20A operated by 24Vdc.

LX3 DinLINK 4-20mA Connector Break-Out

4-20mA analog break-out board for mini-din-6 connector on sensors equipped with 4-channel 4-20mA output.

SXW Digital Outdoor Weather Sensor, Logger & Transmitter

Outdoor weather sensor and logger for temperature, humidity light, rain, wind speed and wind direction.

AgrowDose™ Peristaltic Pump Head, Replacement

Replacement green AgrowDose™ pump head with tubing & rollers.

GrowControl™ MX1i Digital Intelligent Motor Controller

Reversible motor control relay interface for GrowControl™ GCX and MCX control systems.

SX-CO2 CO2 ppm Sensor Upgrade

Upgrade kit for SXC, SXE sensors to add digital CO2 ppm sensor.

CX1H Contactor, 240V 2-Pole 20A

Hard-wired two-pole contactor for 1X240V@20A or 2X 120V@20A, operated by 24Vdc.

SXR Optical Rain Sensor

Optical rain sensor for connection to GrowControl™ GCX and other controllers; automatically close vents and windows when it rains.

GrowControl™ DXO8 Discrete DC Output Module

Discrete DC output module for GrowControl™ GCX cultivation control systems.

RD Series Dry-Contact Relays

Dry-contact relays for connecting GC-Pro/XL systems to third-party relays & contactors in electrical panels, HVAC, irrigation, etc.

Wind Vane Sensor for SXW

Electronic wind vane direction sensor for SXW weather station.

MX1 Reversible Motor Relay

Forward/Reverse motor controller for shade & black-out curtain motors, ridge vents, side walls, etc.

BDX BatchMATIC™ Main Water Pump, Replacement

Replacement 1/2HP centrifugal water pump for BDX.

GrowControl™ DXI8 DC Input Module

Analog / discrete DC input module for GrowControl™ GCX cultivation control systems.

SXW Wind Speed Anemometer Sensor

Electronic wind vane direction sensor for SXW weather station.

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