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GrowControl™ RX4i Intelligent 4-Outlet Relay

Four 120V outlet control relay interface for GrowControl™ GCX and MCX control systems.

GrowControl™ VX8i Intelligent 8-Valve Irrigation Controller

Eight Output Irrigation Valve Controller for GrowControl™ GCX control systems.

GrowNET™ Cross-Over Adapter

Cross-over adapter for GrowNET™ connection in 'mini' control systems.

GrowNET™ RJ-45/Ethernet Cables

GrowNET™ (cat5e) RJ-45 cables in various lengths.

HX8 GrowNET™ 8-Port Device Hub

8-Port expansion hub for GrowNET™ networks.

HXT Hub for Teros12 Moisture Sensors

HXT sensor hub for Teros12 moisture sensors.

I/O Modules for GC-Pro Series

Input/Output modules for GC-Pro/XL Series controllers.

LSM Liquid Sensor Mounting System

Mounting system for SXL optical liquid level sensors.


USB Link for GrowNET devices for PC software & firmware updates.


Serial RS-485 MODBUS RTU industrial digital buffer & interface for GrowNET™ devices.

LX3 DinLINK 4-20mA Connector Break-Out

4-20mA analog break-out board for mini-din-6 connector on sensors equipped with 4-channel 4-20mA output.

LXD DigiLINK Digital Lighting Module

Link module for light fixtures with digital control (non 0-10V).

MCX Mini Climate Control System

Mini environment controller for temperature, humidity, CO2 (optional,) cycle timers & 24 hour timers.

PBX 1" Sensor Probe Manifolds

1” NPT PVC sensor probe manifold with 2, 3 or 4 probe fittings.

PBX 1” PVC Chemical Injection Manifolds

1” NPT PVC sensor probe manifold with 2, 3 or 4 probe fittings.

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