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SXCR Mushroom Environment & CO2 Sensor

Mushroom culture environment sensor for temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 ppm.

SXE Digital Indoor Environment Monitor, Logger & Controller

Aspirated indoor climate sensor, data logger and mini-controller for temperature, humidity, light and CO2 ppm with LCD display.

SXF Liquid Water Flow & Temperature Meter

Precision electronic temperature and flow rate monitor & logger.

SXG Indoor Gas Sensor for CO2, 40,000ppm

Wall mounted CO2 gas sensor for monitoring and concentration alarm control.

SXH Hydroponics Nutrient / pH Monitor & Controller with Probes

Precision electronic pH, conductivity, and ORP transmitter & logger for hydroponics or salt water.

SXHF Hydroponics Nutrient / pH Monitor & Controller with Flow

Precision electronic pH, conductivity, temperature and flow rate sensor, transmitter & logger.

SXIR Infrared (IR) Temperature Sensor

Infrared (IR) surface temperature sensor for precision VPD measurement.

SXL Liquid Level Control Set

Precision optical liquid level fill or drain control SXL sensor kit with a matched pair of sensors.

SXL Optical Liquid Level, Flow & Leak Sensor

Industrial 5-24Vdc/1A optical liquid level sensor available in wet-on, dry-on and digital PWM models.

SXL-RX Liquid Level Control Kit with Relay

Precision optical liquid level fill or drain control system with a 120V relay outlet and power supply kit.

SXLV Variable Liquid Level Sensor

Industrial pneumatic type liquid level sensor for measuring and controlling water depth in tanks.

SXP Differential Pressure Sensor 0-2 IN. W.C.

Precision differential pressure sensor for HVAC, positive pressure rooms.

SXQ Quantum Light Sensor & Spectrometer

Quantum flux light sensor and spectrometer for PPFD, DLI, Lux and more.

SXR Optical Rain Sensor

Optical rain sensor for connection to GrowControl™ GCX and other controllers; automatically close vents and windows when it rains.

SXW Digital Outdoor Weather Sensor, Logger & Transmitter

Outdoor weather sensor and logger for temperature, humidity light, rain, wind speed and wind direction.

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