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AgrowTouch™ Color Screen for GC-Pro/XL

Add a touch screen to your GC-Pro or GC-ProXL/M controller.

AgrowDose™ AD Discrete Dosing Pumps for GC-Pro/XL

Discrete peristaltic pumps for GC-Pro/XL controllers.

AgrowDose™ Peristaltic Pump Head, Replacement

Replacement green AgrowDose™ pump head with tubing & rollers.

AgrowDose™ ADi Digital Persitaltic Dosing Pumps

Digital peristaltic pumps for GCX, MDX/MPX/GDX dosing systems and MODBUS.

AgrowDose™ Pump Head Tubing Kit

Standard and reduced flow tubing kits for ADi chemical pumps.

PVC Chemical Tubing for AgrowDose Pumps

Black PVC tubing for AgrowDose pumps.

Crop Steering Application Note

Free guide to crop steering & precision irrigation.

CO2 Gas Alarm Kit

CO2 gas alarm kit with ppm sensor, horn-strobe and purge button.

AXG CO2 Gas Horn-Strobe Alarm

Wall mounted CO2 gas alarm module with horn-strobe and purge button option.

BDX BatchMatic™ Fertigation System

BDX BatchMatic multi-zone batch fertigation system for indoor greenhouses and growing facilities.

BDX BatchMATIC™ Main Water Pump, Replacement

Replacement 1/2HP centrifugal water pump for BDX.

BV100 Motorized Electric Ball Valve, 1 Inch, 24VDC

Motorized electric PVC ball valve for irrigation, 1 inch, 24Vdc

GrowNET™ RJ-45/Ethernet Cables

GrowNET™ (cat5e) RJ-45 cables in various lengths.

GrowNET™ Cross-Over Adapter

Cross-over adapter for GrowNET™ connection in 'mini' control systems.

GrowNET Cable Boot Seal Kit

Boot seal kit for GrowNET RJ-45 connectors.

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