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AgrowTouch™ Color Screen for GC-Pro/XL

Add a touch screen to your GC-Pro or GC-ProXL/M controller.

AgrowDose™ AD Discrete Dosing Pumps for GC-Pro/XL

Discrete peristaltic pumps for GC-Pro/XL controllers.

AgrowDose™ Peristaltic Pump Head, Replacement

Replacement green AgrowDose™ pump head with tubing & rollers.

AgrowDose™ ADi Digital Persitaltic Dosing Pumps

Digital peristaltic pumps for MDX/MPX dosing system and MODBUS.

BDX BatchMatic Fertigation System

BDX BatchMatic 10-part, 14-zone batch fertigation system for indoor greenhouses and growing facilities.

Analog Sensor Cables

Standard sensor cables & extensions for GC-Pro/XL sensors.

GrowNET™ RJ-45/Ethernet Cables

GrowNET™ (cat5e) RJ-45 cables in various lengths.

GrowNET™ Cross-Over Adapter

Cross-over adapter for GrowNET™ connection in 'mini' control systems.

USB to Serial Cable

USB to RS-232 Serial Port Converter Cable

CX1H Contactor, 240V 2-Pole 20A

Hard-wired two-pole contactor for 1X240V@20A or 2X 120V@20A, operated by 24Vdc.

CX4 Four Outlet Relay

Four group relay-controlled outlets, 120V/15A operated by 24Vdc.

CX4A Four Outlet Relay, 240V

Four group relay-controlled outlets, 240V/20A operated by 24Vdc.

Din Rail Mounting Bracket Kit

2pc DIN rail mounting bracket & screw kit for SXH, PHX, HX8, Link modules and more.

Weather Enclosure for GC-Pro/XL

Weather resistant enclosure for GC-Pro/XL with clear door.

Sensor Fan

Replacement sensor fan for Agrowtek aspirated sensors.

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