GrowControl™ GCX Cultivation Control System

Complete environment control for up to 200 GrowNET™ peripherals.
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GrowControl™ GCX Series

The cultivation control solution that modern growers can depend on for reliability and flexibility to meet challenging requirements. Manage, monitor, and control all aspects of your facility's climate equipment and hydroponics systems including: automatic dosing, irrigation, lighting dimming, HVAC and more. Always be aware of potential problems immediately with onboard email and text alerts, and always be in control with remote access from your phone or PC.

Managing even the most complex environments is a simple task with a sleek and intuitive interface, extensive control programming capabilities and robust, easy-to-install hardware. As many as 100 Agrowtek GrowNET™ devices can be connected to the GCX system, and 200 GrowNET™ devices can be connected to the GCX+ system. Devices connect using standard Ethernet cable for robust and economical installation.

Built on over a decade of commercial experience, Agrowtek's GCX controllers are the most advanced and economical in the industry. Large scalability allows a facility to start simple and add devices as needs change.

GrowNET™ Devices

A large variety of 'GrowNET™' plug-and-play peripherals are available to sense and control the environment including:


GrowNET™ HX8 device hubs expand one GrowNET™ port into eight more ports. HX8 hubs prove power to the devices from the hub ports, further simplifying installation. Recommended maximum cable length is 1000ft.

Remote Access & Updates

GCX systems include a standard RJ45 Ethernet network interface for internet connectivity, with WiFi as an additional connection option. A internet connection allows the use of built-in email alerts, remote VNC access and online updates without any subscription fees. Any standard VNC application for mobile or desktop will be able to remotely control and access the GCX system. The GCX system works with most standard SMTP email servers including Gmail and can send messages out to multiple recipients. System firmware updates are done via the internet with simple press of a button to initiate a check for updates. If updates are found they can be automatically downloaded and installed.


Data Logging

The GCX system will log data internally or externally via USB. Four (4) USB ports are provided for data logging to memory stick as well as for other optional devices such as the WiFi module. Data is logged as a standard .CSV format file which can be imported into spreadsheet programs or custom applications.

Control Functions

GrowControl™ GCX controllers have a powerful and intuitive graphical programming interface with a toolbar of control functions. Control functions can be added to a work space to create the 'logic' needed to control the environment. 'Work spaces' are often are modeled after the physical spaces they control such as rooms or zones. There is no limit to the number of workspaces that can be created.

Standard control functions include:

  • Clock Timers
  • On/Off Delay Timers
  • Cycle Timers
  • Thermostats
  • Humidistats
  • Photostats/Light Dimming Controls
  • CO2 Injection/Exhaust
  • Motor Position Controls (Vents/Shades/Curtains)
  • Irrigation Stage Timers
  • Tank Level (Refill) Control
  • Nutrient & pH Dosing
  • Sensor Averaging
  • Math
  • Logic Functions

Control functions may be basic, or may be linked together to create logical steps where complex control is required.

Industrial Quality

Agrowtek Manufactures the GCX series controls almost entirely including the enclosure, motherboard, I/O boards and peripheral components in-house. Our integrated manufacturing technology allows custom processes and design for the highest quality while achieving the lowest cost. All of the circuit boards are 100% inspected, tested and conformal coated for resistance to moisture and dust. GCX systems run on a dedicated Linux OS with industrial flash hard drive for security and reliability. High performance quad-core processor with passive cooling technology means the system runs smooth and silent.

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