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GrowControl™ RX4i Intelligent 4-Outlet Relay

Four 120V outlet control relay interface for GrowControl™ GCX and MCX control systems.

VXP Irrigation Valve Panel

Eight valve irrigation panel for BDX and GCX systems.

CO2 Gas Alarm Kit

CO2 gas alarm kit with ppm sensor, horn-strobe and purge button.

HX8 GrowNET™ 8-Port Device Hub

8-Port expansion hub for GrowNET™ networks.

BDX BatchMatic™ Fertigation System

BDX BatchMatic multi-zone batch fertigation system for indoor greenhouses and growing facilities.

GrowControl™ RX1i Intelligent Single Outlet Relay

Single 120V outlet control relay interface for GrowControl™ GCX control systems.

AgrowDose™ AD Discrete Dosing Pumps for GC-Pro/XL

Discrete peristaltic pumps for GC-Pro/XL controllers.

I/O Modules for GC-Pro Series

Input/Output modules for GC-Pro/XL Series controllers.

AgrowTouch™ Color Screen for GC-Pro/XL

Add a touch screen to your GC-Pro or GC-ProXL/M controller.

GrowNET Cable Boot Seal Kit

Boot seal kit for GrowNET RJ-45 connectors.

USB WiFi Adapter for BDX/GCX

USB Wifi adapter for BDX and GCX systems.

SXC Sensor Hanging Bracket

Replacement hanger bracket for SXC environment sensors.

BDX BatchMATIC™ Main Water Pump, Replacement

Replacement 1/2HP centrifugal water pump for BDX.

SXW Wind Speed Anemometer Sensor

Electronic wind vane direction sensor for SXW weather station.

Probe Seal Kit

Seal kit for pH / ORP probes and probe gland fittings.

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