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PBX 1" Sensor Probe Manifolds

1” NPT PVC sensor probe manifold with 2, 3 or 4 probe fittings.

USB to Serial Cable

USB to RS-232 Serial Port Converter Cable

SXIR Infrared (IR) Temperature Sensor

Infrared (IR) surface temperature sensor for precision VPD measurement.

BV100 Motorized Electric Ball Valve, 1 Inch, 24VDC

Motorized electric PVC ball valve for irrigation, 1 inch, 24Vdc

SXF Liquid Water Flow & Temperature Meter

Precision electronic temperature and flow rate monitor & logger.

PVC Chemical Tubing for AgrowDose Pumps

Black PVC tubing for AgrowDose pumps.

Teros12 Sensor Adapter Cable M8-to-TRS

M8-toTRS adapter cable for Aroya brand Teros 12 to HXT sensor hub.

WX1 Water Control Valve 1" NPT

1" water control and irrigation valve with fail-safe design.

AgrowDose™ Peristaltic Pump Head, Replacement

Replacement green AgrowDose™ pump head with tubing & rollers.

Terralink VWC Moisture Sensor

Terralink VWC Moisture Sensor by Growlink.

PHXR Rockwool pH Monitor with Probes

Precision digital pH & temperature monitor for rockwool media.

Crop Steering Application Note

Free guide to crop steering & precision irrigation.

SXG Indoor Gas Sensor for CO2, 40,000ppm

Wall mounted CO2 gas sensor for monitoring and concentration alarm control.

SXL-RX Liquid Level Control Kit with Relay

Precision optical liquid level fill or drain control system with a 120V relay outlet and power supply kit.

PBX 1” PVC Chemical Injection Manifolds

1” NPT PVC sensor probe manifold with 2, 3 or 4 probe fittings.

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