AgrowDose™ Pump Head Tubing Kit

Standard and reduced flow tubing kits for ADi chemical pumps.
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Reduced Flow Rate Tubing Kits

FDA Approved Materials for Food & Beverage
Quick-Change, No Tools Required
Made in USA


AgrowDose™ chemical pumps can operate at different flow rates depending on the tubing kit that is installed in the pump head. Changing the tubing in the head can reduce (or increase) the flow capacity of the pump head.

Standard pump head flow rates can be too high for pH chemicals and other highly concentrated solutions that require low injection amounts. A reduced flow tubing kit can slow down the injection of concentrated chemicals allowing for smaller minimum dose sizes. On standard ADi-500 pump models the minimum dose is reduced from ~6ml to ~1ml.

Tubing kits install with no tools; simply rotate the head counter-clockwise and remove from the motor shaft. Remove the roller cassette and exchange the tubing. The controller will require calibration to the new flow rate to deliver accurate injections.

Tubing and connectors are pH buffer safe.


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