Fertigation Systems for Multi-Zone Dosing & Irrigation

Fertigation systems automate mixing fertilizers, correcting pH and irrigating crops or filling stock tanks with pre-mixed solutions. Fertigation systems control the mixing of nutrient water and distribution in greenhouses and indoor cultivation facilities.

Mix Nutrients & Balance pH
Manage Irrigation
Easy Recipe & Schedule Setup
Made in USA
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Fertigation Systems

AgrowDose™ Pump Head Tubing Kit

Standard and reduced flow tubing kits for ADi chemical pumps.

BDX BatchMatic™ Fertigation System

BDX BatchMatic multi-zone batch fertigation system for indoor greenhouses and growing facilities.

AgrowDose™ Chemical Dip Tube

Clear PVC chemical dip tube for AgrowDose pumps.

VXP Irrigation Valve Panel

Eight valve irrigation panel for BDX and GCX systems.

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