AgrowDose™ MPX pH & ORP Dosing Panels

Autonomous set-point dosing systems for pH, and ORP control with 1, 2, or 4 pumps.
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Ready to Dose | Easy to Use | 1, 2 or 4 Pumps

Precision Digital Sensors
Data Logging & On-Board Graphing
Tough, Reliable Pumps
Easy Setup & Operation


GrowControlTM MPXP dosing panels are autonomous pH set-point control systems consisting of a digital PHX hydroponics controller and ADi intelligent peristaltic pump mounted on a stainless steel back-panel with sensor and injection plumbing manifolds. Available with 1, 2 or 4 independent pump heads. Configure each pump as a pH up, pH down or ORP part. Precision sensors and rugged pumps offer reliable and accurate control of reservoirs large and small. Ideal for recirculating hydroponics systems, drain to waste systems fed by a stock tank, RO water pre-conditioning, pool & spa water control, industrial process tanks and more.

Built with FDA compliant tubing, the 50ml/min pumps inject chemicals quickly into water lines up to 25psi. Recommended panel 1" manifold flow rate: 5-30 gpm.

The controller's built-in color display provides an easy to use interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the dosing settings. Display includes features such as:

  • High/low history
  • Graphical history
  • Alarm set points with Buzzer
  • Guided sensor calibration screens
  • Manual pump priming
  • Back-light shut-off timer

Built on a decade of proven technology and components with new, enhanced capabilities to meet the growing demand for highly reliable autonomous dosing applications.


Water Temperature
-20 - 60°C
0-14 pH
O.R.P. or D.O.
+/-1000mV / 0-20mg/ml




Recirculating Hydroponics Systems, Storage Tanks
Agricultural & Aquaponics
Pool & Spa
Analytical, Research & Academic
Industrial Process Water
OEM & Custom Applications


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