PBX 1" Sensor Probe Manifolds

1” NPT PVC sensor probe manifold with 2, 3 or 4 probe fittings.
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Simple | Clean | Professional

Easy Installation
Rugged PVC Construction
Made in USA


PBX-210, PBX-310 & PBX-410 sensor manifolds integrate 2, 3 or 4 water-tight gland fittings into a 1" PVC manifold for sensing pH, EC, ORP/DO and water temperature inline with a recirculating pump. Threaded on both ends to allow easy connection to the PBX-100 injection manifolds or other plumbing with reliable and servicable connections. Compression glands have a rubber insert that clamps around the probes when tightened. Manifolds make it easy to install and remove probes for calibration and maintenance. Recommended for flow rates up to 30 gpm, max pressure 60 psi.



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