HX8 GrowNET™ 8-Port Device Hub

8-Port expansion hub for GrowNET™ networks.
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Mounting Kit
Port Covers

8 GrowNET™ Ports | Simplfy Installation | Daisy Chain

Connect multiple GrowNET™ devices
Buffered Ports, Individual Transcievers
Industrial Grade
Rugged ABS Enclosure
Made in USA


Expand the number of GrowNET™ ports on your Agrowtek GCX Cultivation Controller or connect multiple devices to MODBUS using the LX2 ModLINK. Uses standard RJ-45/Ethernet cables and simplifies cabling requirements.

Buffered hub with individual transcievers for each port extends the range of the GrowNET™ bus and ensures maximum signal integrity. Transcievers on every port also prevents problems associated with unit loading on MODBUS networks.

POC (power over cable)
Provide 24Vdc power to devices through the hub ports from the hub's standard DC power jack. Includes a 0.5 amp 24V DC power supply.

Features eight ports for connecting devices and one port for connecting to the upstream (master) bus. Hubs may be daisy-chained as required up to the maximum number of devices on a bus (100 devices on a GrowNET™ bus, 247 devices on a MODBUS bus.)



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