AgrowDose™ AD Discrete Dosing Pumps for GC-Pro/XL

Discrete peristaltic pumps for GC-Pro/XL controllers.
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Precision | Durability | Simplicity

Accurate & Repeatable
Acid & Base Chemical Compatible
Rugged Pump & Motor Works on Thick Fluids
Easy-Change Pump Heads
FDA Food Safe Tubing
24Vdc Discrete Control for GC-Pro/XL Controllers (except AD1; requires outlet relay.)


AgrowDose™ AD dosing pumps are rugged and economical single, dual or quad-head peristaltic pumps designed for injecting nutrient solutions, pH buffers and more into stock tanks or pressurized water lines up to 25psi when controlled by Agrowtek's GC-Pro/XL series cultivation control systems.

Pump heads feature an inlet suction tube and an outlet pressure tube. Simply place the inlet side into any size nutrient or buffer stock tank and route the outlet to the reservoir or use our PBX series manifolds to dose into a recirculating and monitoring loop. Pumps can draw solutions up to 10ft vertical lift and do not require priming. Peristaltic action resists fouling or clogging even with thick fluids.

AgrowDose™ pump motors operate independently at a fixed speed (~50mL/min) when the 24V discrete inputs are activated by a controller's outputs such as the GC-Pro or GC-ProXL. Built-in relays on the AD2 and AD4 pumps switch power from the included wall adapter to operate the pump motors. (AD1 does not have control a relay built into pump.)

Quick-change pump head offers fast, easy maintenance when tubing wears out.

  • 120Vac/12Vdc Power adapter included for motors
  • 1/4" OD x 3/16" ID FDA Tubing
  • ~50mL/min per pump




Greenhouses & Growing Facilities Hydroponics pH Control
Agricultural & Aquaponics
Pool & Spa
Analytical, Research & Academic
Industrial Process Water, General Purpose


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