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Ideal for 1 fully featured environment or 2-4 basic environments.
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Cultivation Control Systems for Climate & Hydroponics

The most flexible, advanced control solution that modern, demanding growers can depend on for reliability and ease of operation. Manage, monitor, and control all aspects of your climate equipment and hydroponics systems including automatic dosing. A built-in industrial grade micro-processor contains all of the user's settings, reads the attached sensors and then turns equipment on or off automatically.

Sensor Options

  • Indoor Climate Sensors (temperature, humidity & light irradiance) (CO2 optional)
  • Hydro Sensors (pH, conductivity & water temperature)
  • Outdoor Weather Station with Wind Sensors (wind speed & direction)
  • Temperature Probes
  • Liquid Level Sensors

Free PC Software


GrowControl™ GC-Pro includes a powerful PC application offering full control of the system. The GC-Pro can be operated without a touch-panel interface and with only PC software for economy applications. Features include graphical and spread-sheet data logging, status and control of inputs, outputs and sensor readings, all controls and settings, email alerts and more.


The GC-Pro is built with Agrowtek's exclusive Flexnology™ which allows the grower to tailor the controller's functions precisely to their operation's requirements. A large 'tool box' of control functions is provided for the user to select from and assign to outputs as required by the equipment to be controlled. Additionally, important features are included such as:

  • Lamp hot-fire prevention
  • Output delay sequencing (to prevent load spikes)
  • Output linking & canceling
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Trending and data logging
  • Remote internet access and control

Complete Climate Control

Fully automate multiple zones with independent controls for cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, CO2 injection and ventilation with boost timing, light timers and light flip box controls, and more! Featuring a large array of different timers including irrigation timers, precision repeat cycle timers (in minutes, seconds, or hours) 24-hour timers, 24-hour cancellation timers, combination 24-hour cycle timers, off-delay timers, re-start delay timers and hour meters. Greenhouse models feature multi-stage heating, cooling and humidity control for advanced integration of hvac, fans and vents.

Fully Automated Hydroponics Dosing

GrowControl™ systems take the manual work out of maintaining a hydroponics system. Fully automate and schedule reservoir changes, nutrient dosing and pH control. Mix volumetric batches or add Agrowtek's hydro sensor kit to monitor and maintain pH, EC and temperature automatically (standard model only.)

AgrowTouch™ Touch Screen

An industrial strength touch screen interface is available which allows fast and easy access to all settings in the controller including manual over-rides of all equipment, adjustment of all settings, graphical display and history of all sensor readings, alarm history display and more. On-screen help provides the operator with quick tips and describes each function of the controller. For economical or starter applications, the GC-Pro can be adjusted and monitored with the free PC software.

Power Relays

The controller's low-voltage 24Vdc outputs are wired to Agrowtek's RX, CX and RD series relays to control equipement power. Mix and match relay models to suite your environment and equipment control requirements. MX motor control relays can be used to operate vent and curtain motors forward and reverse. The GC-Pro can also be wired to existing or custom electrical relays panels with the "RD" series of dry-contact relays. Agrowtek's relay modules are CSA listed for US and Canada.

Model Options

The GrowControl™ GC-Pro control system is availble in different models with unique control functions tailored to specific applications.

GC-Pro Standard Model
Up to three (3) climate zones, two (2) zones each with hydroponics dosing for up to eight (8) parts plus two (2) pH.
GC-Pro-C Greenhouse Model
Up to two (2) climate zones with eight (8) vent/shade motor controls and other greenhouse functions.
GC-Pro-Q Quad Zone Climate Only Model
Up to four (4) climate zones with basic climate, lighting and timer controls (no dosing controls.)


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