I/O Modules for GC-Pro Series

Input/Output modules for GC-Pro/XL Series controllers.
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Expansion I/O Modules for GC-Pro Series

Industrial Input/Output Modules
24Vdc, 4-20mA
Expansion as Required in Field
Made in USA


Input/Output modules for GC-Pro/XL series controllers install in available slots inside the controller. GC-Pro controllers have one expansion slot and GC-ProXL controllers have three expansion slots in addition to the base I/O modules that are installed by default.

Modules are easily installed or replaced in the field and feature a removable terminal block on a pin-header making wiring and module replacement fast and easy. One Philips screw retains the module in place and a power lead plugs into a socket.

Expansion Modules

XD Module: 24Vdc discrete eight (8) output module for relays and pumps. Can be installed in any expansion slot.

XA Module: 4-20mA analog input module with two (2) sensor ports, four (4) channels each port, for climate and hydroponics sensors. One XA module max expansion per controller.

XV Module: 0-10mA analog output module with four (4) channels for dimming and other voltage control. One XV module max expansion per controller.

Replacement Modules

Replacement modules for base I/O installed in controllers.

XI Module: 24Vdc discrete eight (8) input module for GC-ProXL.

XIO Module: 24Vdc discrete four (4) input / four (4) output module for GC-Pro.


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