GrowControl™ DXI8 DC Input Module

Analog / discrete DC input module for GrowControl™ GCX cultivation control systems.
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Analog/Discrete 8-Input DC Module

Analog DC Inputs
0-5Vdc or 0/4-20mA Sensors
Digital Control, MODBUS Addressable
Made in USA


GrowControl™ DXI8 modules for DIN rail feature eight (8) DC inputs selectable between 0-5Vdc or 0/4-20mA. Includes an onboard 200mA 5Vdc power supply for driving sensors such as the SXL optical liquid sensor or SXM-1 soil moisture VWC sensor. Built-in 5Vdc power supply greatly simplifies sensor connection and provides a stable, fault-protected power source.

Analog Sensors
Soil moisture, temperature probes, and other off-the-shelf analog (variable) sensors can be incorporated into GCX systems for data logging and device control with custom scaling. Accurate 3mV resolution with input protection.

Discrete Sensors
Use inputs for discrete (on/off) sensors by switching the on-board 5Vdc source to one of eight input channels.

DX series modules can be operated on 12-24Vdc.

GrowNET™ port accepts MODBUS RTU communication for PLC control. Internal digital controller operates relays with MODBUS commands and logs the total number or relay contact closures for each relay in memory. Easily recall manufacturing info such as unit serial number, date of manufacture, contact count, status, etc.


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MODBUS RS-422/485


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