GrowControl™ RD8i+ Intelligent 8-Contact Relay with Switches

Eight dry-contact control relay interface for GrowControl™ GCX control systems with toggle switches.
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Independent Dry Contacts | Manual Toggles

Eight 10A Dry Contacts
Tough, Reliable Relays
LED Status Indicators
Digital Control, Addressable
GrowNET™ port, MODBUS
Made in USA


GrowControl™ RD8i relay independently operates eight dry contacts for control of equipment such as: HVAC systems, relay/contactor panels, lighting panels, motor controllers, etc. Connects instantly to Agrowtek's GCX Cultivation Controls or to a SXE sensor via a GrowNET™ port for advanced automated control functions.

LED indicators on the front panel provide status of each contact. Rugged metal enclosure for wall mounting. Durable heavy duty relays and terminals. Conduit knock-outs and screw terminals for easy electrical installation.

Manual toggle switch operators allow a relay to be manually forced on or forced off, in addition to being automatically operated by a control system. The toggle switches will operate the RD8i's contacts as long as power is available to operate the coils even if the relay's processor has been damaged or communication has been broken to the master controller.

Flexible and reliable relay controller suitable for many applications. Built on a decade of proven technology and components with new, enhanced capabilities to meet the growing demand for highly reliable environmental control applications.

GrowNET™ port accepts MODBUS RTU communication for PLC control. Internal digital controller operates relays with MODBUS commands and logs the total number or relay contact closures for each relay in memory. Easily recall manufacturing info such as unit serial number, date of manufacture, contact count, status, etc.


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MODBUS RS-422/485



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