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Crop Steering Irrigation Application Note

Crop Steering is the practice of controlling the agricultural growing conditions in a specific way to induce either a "vegetative" or a "generative" response from a crop. Growing conditions include environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 concentration, in addition to root zone factors such as soil temperature, moisture levels and nutrient concentrations in the water supply and media.

Vegetative periods are designed to promote root and foliar growth while generative periods are designed to promote fruiting and flowering growth. By implementing a pattern of vegetative and generative periods through a crop cycle, the crop can be "steered" to seek the desired responses from the crop.

Correctly implementing the set points, patterns, and timing of these periods can lead to significant benefits in crop yield and quality as well as reduced costs through improved irrigation efficiency. Agrowtek's control systems manage all aspects of crop steering including environmental, lighting and irrigation parameters.

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