LSM Liquid Sensor Mounting System

Mounting system for SXL optical liquid level sensors.
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Liquid Level Sensor Mounting System

All Stainless Steel Hardware
Rugged Mounting
Made in USA


Two-part system for mounting SXL liquid level sensors from the top of a tank providing secure mounting, adjustable sensor heights, and easy installation and removal. Uses standard 1" PVC pipe to mount the SXL liquid sensors at adjustable depths within a liquid tank. Top mounting avoids holes on the sides of the container to reduce chances of leaks.

Part 1: Cap Kit
Mount SXL optical liquid level sensors on the end of a 1" PVC pipe. Kit includes a tapped PVC cap with o-ring seal and PVC pipe fitting. Provide 1" schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe to length.

Part 2: Flange Kit
Securely mount sensor pipes to the tank. Kit includes hardware and custom flange with locking set screw for clamping the pipe at the desired location. All stainless hardware is designed for easy service without tools after installation.

Flange can be removed from the tank by quickly removing the wing nuts. Studs remain bolted to the tank while the sensor can be pulled up and removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Not Included:

  • 1" PVC Pipe
  • PVC Cement
  • Pipe Thread Tape/Sealant



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