SXL Optical Liquid Level, Flow & Leak Sensor

Industrial 5-24Vdc/1A optical liquid level sensor available in wet-on, dry-on and digital PWM models.
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Mounting Kit

Level Sensing | Flow Sensing | Leak Detection

Intelligent Microprocessor Control
LED Status Indicator
Industrial 5-24Vdc/1A Rugged Design
Made in USA

Industry's Most Advanced Optical Liquid Detection Sensor

Electronic optical liquid sensors are durable, have no moving parts and are easy to maintain. SXL sensors can detect fluid levels in tanks, flow in pipes, or leaks in drip pans when liquid touches the sensor tip. Wide voltage range and high current capacity makes the SXL sensor practical for TTL logic, industrial PLC or direct relay control applications. 1/4" NPT threading and removable wiring terminal block with pin-out cast into the hex head makes installation or replacement fast and simple. When the output is energized a red LED illuminates the sensor body giving a visual status indication.

Other intelligent features include:

  • "Stable state" switching to detect splashing.
  • Two-second output debounce.
  • Error indication for infrared flooding (sensor disabled), LED flashes.
  • Error indication for backwards terminal block, LED flashes.
  • "Heart beat" flash every 10 seconds to indicate sensor is powered and functioning normally.

Output Options

Available in 'WET-ON' and 'DRY-ON' configurations, or PWM output for advanced or embedded applications requiring error indication and failure monitoring.

Latching option maintains sensor output in the ON state once activated until the power is cycled to the sensor.


SXL-1 and SXL-2 models connect directly to discrete inputs on Agrowtek's GC-Pro/XL control systems.


How Optical Sensors Work


When the sensor tip is dry, infrared light from an emitter is internally reflected back to to a receiver. When the tip is wet, the majority of the light from the emitter escapes the tip into the fluid reducing the reflection to the receiver. A microcontroller drives the emitter, monitors the receiver and operates the output according to the model selected.

Standard Installation

Sensors can be mounted in:

  • Tank walls for level detection and control,
  • Tapped into pipe walls for flow detection,
  • Tray bottoms & brackets for leak detection,
  • End of a pipe with the cap kit shown below for level detection.

Includes NPT nut and o-ring seal for through-wall and bracket mounting (bracket not included.)


LSM Mounting System

Convenient mounting kits install liquid level sensors on the end of any 1" PVC pipe for top-down installation in the top of a tank. Eliminate holes in the side of a tank and have adjustable depth plus the convenience of removing the sensor for easy cleaning and maintenance. Mounting flange kit with all stainless-steel hardware securely mounts the sensor pipe to the tank. Wing nuts allow quick access to the sensor and a set-screw in the flange allows quick and easy depth adjustments.


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