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SXHF Hydroponics Nutrient / pH Monitor & Controller with Flow

Precision electronic pH, conductivity, temperature and flow rate sensor, transmitter & logger.

HXT Hub for Teros12 & Terralink Moisture Sensors

HXT sensor hub for Teros12 & Terralink moisture sensors.

AgrowDose™ Pump Head Tubing Kit

Standard and reduced flow tubing kits for ADi chemical pumps.

GrowControl™ G Panel Enclosures

Pre-fabricated weather-proof control cabinets for Agrowtek systems & components.

SXE Digital Indoor Environment Monitor, Logger & Controller

Aspirated indoor climate sensor, data logger and mini-controller for temperature, humidity, light and CO2 ppm with LCD display.

PHX pH / ORP Monitor & Controller with Probes

Precision electronic pH & temperature + ORP sensor transmitter & logger.

SXL Liquid Level Control Set

Precision optical liquid level fill or drain control SXL sensor kit with a matched pair of sensors.

Sensor Fan

Replacement sensor fan for Agrowtek aspirated sensors.

LSM Liquid Sensor Mounting System

Mounting system for SXL optical liquid level sensors.

Teros12 Media Moisture Sensor

Electronic soil moisture sensor for volumetric water content, EC and temperature.

PBX 1” PVC Chemical Injection Manifolds

1” NPT PVC sensor probe manifold with 2, 3 or 4 probe fittings.

SXL-RX Liquid Level Control Kit with Relay

Precision optical liquid level fill or drain control system with a 120V relay outlet and power supply kit.

SXG Indoor Gas Sensor for CO2, 40,000ppm

Wall mounted CO2 gas sensor for monitoring and concentration alarm control.

Crop Steering Application Note

Free guide to crop steering & precision irrigation.

PHXR Rockwool pH Monitor with Probes

Precision digital pH & temperature monitor for rockwool media.

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